Standard Booth Includes:

  • All in one spray booth and baking oven
  • Standard size 7.2m length x 4.2m width x 2.7m internal height
  • Standard door size 3m wide x 2.7m tall
  • Both inground and above ground model available
  • Fully filtered ceiling (minimise turbulence)
  • Fully filtered floor (promotes better air flow)
  • 40 day light tubes standard
  • Stainless steel direct fired heating system
  • Space saving ceiling mounted machinery standard
  • Fully galvanised Australian made gridded flooring
  • Unique design allowing easy servicing

Our Full Down Draft range is exactly that.  A FULL DOWN DRAFT.

  • Our floor is fully gridded, in house fabricated and galvanised.  Each grid is 12.5kgs. 
  • Our ceiling inlet filters provide over 20 sq mtrs of clean, dust free filtered air, whilst ensuring turbulence is kept to a minimum. Filter area increases with length of booth. 
  • 40 - 60 T5 tube light fittings give a lighting pressure of 1600 to 2200 lux as a minimum light level.  Externally accessible light modules means changing a light tube only takes literally minutes.
  • The three door frontals have a 3mtr width clearance and door heights vary with height of booth. 
  • Direct fired gas heating unit is the finest one of its kind.  The unique light weight compact design allows the heat unit to be installed on top of the booth at no extra cost to the end user and considerable floor space savings.  

Technical information

Booth dimensions

Lengths: 7200mm, 7910mm, 8620mm, 9330mm

Width: 4200mm

Internal heights: 2700mm, 3000mm, 3300mm

* Tailor made sizes, a specialty* 

The Spray Booth Specialists

5-7 CAPITAL LINK DRIVE Campbellfield VIC 3061

03 9308 7200


  • Extended model available
  • Drive thru
  • Direct fired heating system with modulating flame ensures more accurate temperatures
  • 60 T5 day light tubes in a standard booth produces 2,000 lux
  • Fully automated touch screen
  • Waterbourne curing system
  • Customised sizes available