• Extended model available 8.62m long
  • Drive thru
  • Direct fired heating system with modulating flame ensures more accurate temperatures
  • 60 T5 light tubes in a standard booth produces 2,000 lux
  • Fully automated touch screen
  • Waterborne curing system
  • Customised sizes available

The Spray Booth Specialists

5-7 CAPITAL LINK DRIVE Campbellfield VIC 3061

03 9308 7200

Technical information

Booth dimensions
Length: 7200mm
Width: 4200mm
Internal height: 2700mm
Extended length model 8420mm

Standard Booth Includes:

  • All in one spray booth and baking oven
  • Std size 7.2m length x 4.2m width x 2.7m internal height
  • Std door size 3m wide x 2.7m tall
  • Installed directly onto a concrete floor
  • Fully filtered ceiling (minimise turbulence)
  • Exhaust filtration on both side walls
  • 40 day light tubes standard
  • Stainless steel direct fired heating system
  • Space saving ceiling mounted machinery standard
  • Unique design allowing easy servicing
  • Versatility of no weight restrictions on the booth
  • The advantages of FULL DOWN DRAFT technology with the ease of level entry on your existing floor.